A Fun Way to Home

Inspired by life

Findcozzie was founded with a simple but powerful vision: to create a home supply and pet supply brand that makes people feel like they have a friend they can rely on.

The idea for Findcozzie came about when the founders realized that many home supply and pet supply products on the market were functional but lacked personality and warmth. They felt that there was a gap in the market for products that could make people feel like they had a friend by their side, supporting them and accompanying them on their journey.

Love design & Feeling of home

We wanted our products to be more than just functional; they wanted them to be comforting, inviting, and friendly.

We were not only comfortable but also stylish and fun, with playful designs. We designed cozy pet beds, playful toys, and nutritious treats, all with the goal of creating a stronger bond bet-ween pets and their owners.

Most importantly

We want you to feel more connect to your home, pets, and family. We believe that by creating products that make people feel happy and comforted, we can make a real difference in people's lives. With Findcozzie, people can feel like we have a friend who will always be there for them, leading them home.